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Showpad Design System Website 2.0

Spearheading improvements to the rudimentary design system website at Showpad to help internal users better.
Lead Product Designer
project duration
team capacity
1 PD, 1 UX Eng, 1 FE Eng
Figma, Miro, Jira, GSuite
Showpad’s first design system is relatively new and rudimentary. As we are thinking of scaling and improving our product and teams, how might we improve our design system to help aid our user’s to do that better? Our goal is to improve the website experience and capabilities for our internal users.
1. Understand the Space
2. Identify the Opportunity Area(s)
3. Propose Improvements
Understanding the Space
A broad funnel approach was implemented during the discovery phase, to understand friction points in not only the Design System, but also where it's accessed, how it's used, etc.
User Studies
Our primary users are FE Developers and Product Designers.
We mapped out their typical workflow and pinpointed at which steps the design system was involved.
Jobs to Be Done
What are the most crucial and frequent JTBD?
What are some atypical edge cases?
Lightning Decision Jam
Problematic Job Steps were then reframed into "How Might We" statements to help reframe for rapid brainstorming.

Top voted ideas were mapped out on an impact vs. effort scale to guide priorities.
Workshop Outcomes
A handful of solution ideas were chosen and prioritized. Some of these areas included, improving the current Design System, incorporating Storybook, funding enough resources for a dedicated team, and more.
The solution idea I was tasked with leading
In-depth 1:1 user interviews were held with personas to thoroughly understand use cases, current user flows, and their friction points, all regarding the DS website.
User Interviews
10 participants total. 6 Developers and 4 Product Designers. ~50% between new and experienced users.
Requirements Definition
Research findings were synthesized into top 5 use cases per each user type, problematic user flows and their friction points. Themes were formed to help frame issues.
Use Cases
User Stories & Friction Points
Defining Needs
User stories were framed by data and functional needs by role. All guided by product qualities requested.
Wireframes were created to quickly explore rough architecture concepts as a start. 3 major concepts were explored.
Custom Website
Custom Website w/ Storybook Embed
Component documentation pages were also simultaneously explored since it was the highest priority area of improvement.
Current Implementation for Comparison
New Component Documentation Exploration
project in progress, to be continued...
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